Transport Department

     Transport department of Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC is a rapidly developing division of the leading Russian defense enterprise.
     Freight service is carried out in Moscow and Moscow region area and on the territory of Russia and the CIS countries as well.
     High-qualified drivers, forwarders and loaders perform freight handling and forwarding very fast and efficiently.  Logistic managers work out an individual tariff scale and a route for each client as well as offer the optimal choice of transport means.
     The services of transport department include:
-  provision of passenger cars and minibuses (GAZ, Gazel, Mercedes) to escort VIP-clients and take part in corporate events and festivals;
-  provision of light trucks (Gazel, ZIL)  to transport people and  deliver freight with the weight up to 5 tons;
-  provision of trucks and tipper trucks (ZIL) to transport freight with the weight up to 10 tons;
-  provision of tent and side road-trains on MAZ and MAN platforms to transport any freight, including outsize freight, with the weight up to 20 tons.

     The specific activity of the enterprise requires the transportation of dangerous and especially dangerous loads. For over 60 years of work the specialists of transport department have gained a wealth of expertise in transporting any kind of fire and toxic agents and explosives of the following classes:

Dangerous Class

Type of Freight




Gases: compressed, liquefied or dissolved by pressure


Volatile flammable liquids


Volatile flammable solids
Spontaneously igniting substances
Substances, emitting ignitable gases in contact with water
Oxidizing agents
Organic peroxides


Poisonous agents
Contagious agents


Caustic and/or corrosive substances


Other hazardous substances

     Special commercial offers are made for the corporate clients. The transport department also provides a number of additional services, including freight forwarding, armed escorting, responsible storing, insurance and customs declaration.
     All the transport means of the department correspond to freight requirement within the RF and Europe. Each driver is provided with communication means.
     The main principle of the department work is accurate fulfillment of a transport order, starting from the first contact with the client up to freight delivery.
     We look forward to cooperation with the new clients on mutually beneficial terms. We will be glad to consider any proposals.
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Moscow region, Russia, 141075
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