"Central Design Bureau for Automatics Engineering

"Central Design Bureau for Automatics Engineering" JSC was established in March 1972. Until 1990s it was part of a production and technical association of the same name. A.I.Zaitsev was appointed the first director of the plant and association.

Primary production areas include complex electronic control systems and deveces for automated testing equipment. Military-purpose products arepassive homing heads for air-to-surface and air-to-air guided missiles, and also multifunctional radar warning receivers. The enterprise has developed ways of integrating radar warning receivers with more than 20 aircraft types, including most modern aircrafts and helicopters.

Nowdays the enterprise is entering new lines of business. Lately it has become known as the producer of modern medical devices, using low-frequency ultrasound for application in stomatology, otolaryngology, gynecology, urology, and proctology, and for pre-sterilization cleaning of medical instruments and articles.

The plant manufactures a series of one and multi-channel security and fire-alarm systems, back-up power sources, single and multi-rate digitzed electric power meters, as well as prepares new types of medical equipment and three-phase multi-rate power meters for launch into production.