UPKB "Detal"

"Detal" Ural Design Bureau was set up in 1949 as a specialized enterprise for the development of radio altimeters for all types of aircraft.

Over its 50-year-plus history the enterprise has developed an assortment of radio altimeters and other electronic instruments comparable in quality to the best products of the world-leading companies. Among them are radio altimeters, radio altimeter systems, altitude radio-sensors, ice thickness gauges for freshwater and saltwater ice, sea surface wave height gauges, systems for aircraft area-correlation navigation systems, and radar and radiometric instruments for earth remote sensing systems.

Currently, Detal is the Russia's leading, developer of radio altimeters and multifunction radio altitude metering systems for different aerial  vehicles (including spacecraft). The high level of enterprise developments has enabled it to obtain the state accreditation as a research organization. Most products of the enterprise incorporate unique design solutions, among which more than 400 are patented or protected by inventor certiticates.

The enterprise has developed and is producig equipment for different branches of the national economy: radar and ultrasonic level sensors (power and fuel industry); special communications stations (radio and cable communicatons); ultrasonic inspection systems (mechanical engineering and metallurgy); radio relay amplifiers, two-way depot communications systems, vibration testing systems, automated trouble-shooting systems for high-voltage and power circuits of electric locomotives (railway transportation).