"Krasny Gidropress"

The plant is one of Russia's oldest enterprises. Ist history began on the Keber's Plant launching day in August 1907. The plant started manufacturing oil-pressing and foundry equipment. In February 1918, the Keber & Co.Plant was nationalized and renamed into Krasny Maslopress. In 1927 the plant was renamed into Krasny Gidropress.

In June 1941 the enterprise switched to manufacturing of military products. During the period of the post-war restoration and production boost (1968-1980) the plant was constantly re-equipping its technological base and launching production of new items. But it was followed by a deep crises at the end of 1980s. Only in 1998 the plant overcame the crisis, regained financial independence, stabilized and increased production.

Nowdays the plant is the largest machine-building defence enterprise in southern Russia. It specializes in production of deck-mounted shipborne weapons, superchargers, water-jet and propeller engines, miesweepers, gravity and drain filters, heat-exchanging equipment, water screws, hydraulic systems for agricultural machinery, household gas boilers, block-type portable steam-generating units, automated gas safety systems, equipment for nuclear power plants, etc.