GosMKB "Vympel"

Vympel is a specialized developer and producer of aircraft missiles, guns, bombs and surface-to-air weapons. Its history dates back to as early as 1949, and it is named after its first Chief Designer professor Ivan I.Toropov.

At present Vympel is a multifunctional enterprise with experienced research and development staff, advanced production complex, computer centre and test facilities.

The enterprise is Russia's and one of the world's leading design bureaus, engaged in development of air-to-air guided missiles of defferent types. The enterprise also specializes in developing air-to-surface guided missiles, guided missiles for groung and sea-based air defence systems, and their target derivatives. The enterprise has developed the majority of aircraft guided missile release/ejection units, hardpoints and rack for bombs, torpedoes, nacelles, gun pods, rocket pods and decoy dispensers for Russian aircraft and helicopters.

During its 55-year history the enterprise has developed over 50 types of air-launched missiles (about 40 types are operated in more than 30 countries) and some 200 types of convertional air weapons.

Within the frame wark of the convertion program, the enterprise has developed a number of civil products, based on defence technologies, including airfield equipment, drilling rigs, pyrotechnic shears, medical equipment, porous strainers for different-purpose gas systems, ets.

The main military products, currently offered for export, are air-to-air guided missiles: R-73E (R-73EL), RVV-AE, R-27R1 (R-27ER1), R-27T1 (R-27ET1), R-27P1 (R-27EP1); and R-33E; air-to-surface guided missiles: Kh-29TE and Kh-29L; aircraft missile ejection unit - AKU-170E; and decoy dispenser unit - UV-30MK.