GosMKB "Raduga"

GosMKB "Raduga" was established in 1951 for development and production of domestic products of guided missiles -"aircraft-shells" - "air-to-surface", "ship-to-ship" and "surface-to-surface". As a head developer of guided missiles, GosMKB “Raduga" has created and passed to service more than 40 missile systems. Basis for all developments, which are also performed today, are "air-to-surface" guided missiles for aircrafts of long-range and front-line Air Forces, and also GM for ships. A range of constructed missile systems has been exported and proved their high efficiency under real combat conditions in various regions all over the world. Some systems have no analogs in the world (system "Moskit").
Personnel of the enterprise have accumulated unique science, technical and design potentials for the entire procedure of development, production, operation and upgrading of missile models for Air Force and Navy.
In order to solve Research & Development tasks effectively, increase reliability and quality of articles and also reduce scope of flight testing; now the enterprise has:
 -an organizational structure of research and experimental design, whose departments are manned with personnel with high scientific and technical potential that allows (together with development works) to perform large scope of search and application works for military and civil purposes;
-advanced labs and test base that are located in special buildings, which are equipped with necessary experimental plants, benches and testing equipment;
-flight-test finishing base with testing systems;
-factory for production of experimental, pilot and serial examples of missiles.