MKB "Iskra"

"Iskra" Engineering Design Bureau is one of the leading enterprises, developing sold-propellant rocket engines for most diverse applications.

The enterprise was formed as a state plant in 1946 on the basis of the experimental design bureau, which had been engaged in development of aerial weapons before the war. New developments in post-war defense and space technologies greatly expanded application area for rocket engines, developed by the design bureau. It developed rocket boosters for unmanned and manned aircraft, anti-spin rockets. These developments were used for testing several aircraft generations of MiG, Tu, IL, Su, Yak and other types. Since its foundation the enterprise has developed over 200 different rocket engines for surface-to-air, tactical, air-launched, ship-borne and space-based missile systems.

Contemporary booster and sustainer rocket engines, developed by Iskra, are used to power air-to-air, air-to-surface and surface-to-surface guided missiles.
Iskra-designed firing mechanisms are fitted into crew ejection systems on fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft; they were also used in the Buran manned reusable orbiter system.

It created widely-known solid-propellant engines for crew emergency escape systems of the Soyuz spacecraft of different modifications that proved ther high effectiveness. Soft landing engines, developed by the enterprise, ensure soft landing of spacecraft, as well as cargo airdrops.

A special area is assigned to development of solid-fuel gas generators for different applications - from rocket component deployment mechanisms to submarine main ballast blowing systems.