TMKB "Soyuz"

Since its establishment in 1961 Soyuz design bureau has specialized in development and production of low-thrust powerplants for space vehicles. Produts of the enterprise were used during such space programmes as the development of the first manoeuvrable satellites; lunar orbiting and landing missions; support of spacecraft acceleration from interim orbits; support of communications satellites in stationary orbits, etc.

The enterprise gradually expanded its scope of activities. It developed the afterburner and all-aspect thrust vectoring nozzle for the RD-33 engine intended to power the MiG-29 fighter. The ramjets developed by the enterprise for the Kh-31A/P and 3M-80E missiles are unrivalled in their classes. The design bureau currently possesses a structure that enables complete in-house development of ramjets and power plants for aircraft.

The enterprise is working on the issues, concerning development of hypersonic ramjets.