"Gorizont" JSC was set up in 1966 as the State Union Engineering and Design Bureau, involved into the development of ground maintenance facilities for aviation systems. In 1993 the enterprise underwent the process of privatization and was transformed into a joint stock company. The wide range of its defense-related products includes:
- ground support systems for light- and medium-weight remotely piloted/unmanned aerial vehicles;
- air armament facilities:
 - APU-38 aircraft release units, APP-50R and APP-50A chaff/flare dispensers;
- AK-0,4M1, AK-1,6M and other types of airfield air conditioning units for maintaining required environmental conditions in cabins and equipment bays;
- in-flight aircraft protection facilities;
- PG225 and PG223 fuel and oil-cleansing devices for refinement of hydrocarbon oil products;
- aerodrome air-conditioning systems;
- automatic fire-fighting systems for aircrafts and helicopters;
- anti-missile systems;
- coastal and shipborne missile maintenance facilities;
- simulators;
- The enterprise also repairs external aircraft stores suspension means, such as the BD3-USK-A, MBD3-U6-68 racks and APU-470 aircraft ejection units.
     The products of the enterprise are exported as parts of the MiG-29, Su-27 aircraft systems and the like.
     Moreover, the "Gorizont" specialists have applied the unique military technologies to develop a number of top-quality civil products:
- processing equipment for food industry, i.e.
        - dispersants and homogenizers of diary, fruit and vegetable products;
        - mill screens;
        - aromatized poultry processing lines.
- installations to purify turbine, industrial and motor oils;
- heating radiators;
- ball cocks;
- final filters;
- non-standard furniture;
- high-quality accessories.
     Over its almost 50-year history "Gorizont" JSC has gained rich expertise in creation of complicated equipment for various industries. The quality of the products is guaranteed at every stage of the production process and recognized by numerous awards and diplomas of the most prestigious exhibitions and shows.