GNPP "Region"

"Region" Scientific & Production Enterprise JSC is the leading Russian developer and supplier of corrected and guided aerial bombs for front aviation, considered to be one of the most perspective types of precision weaponry.

The enterprise does research and development in the field of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics of high-speed underwater vehicles, underwater missile jets, sonars and integrated information control and homing systems for underwater craft. The specialists also study aerodynamics, control and homing principles of all-weather and round-the-clock corrected and guided aerial bombs.

Since the foundation of the enterprise 12 types of high-precision guided weaponry have been serially produced and put into service with the Air Force and Navy. All of them have proved to be reliable and highly efficient in combat. The KAB-500Kr, KAB-500-OD, KAB-1500Kr, KAB-1500L-F, KAB-1500L-Pr corrected aerial bombs are among them.

The "Region" designers also do research in the area of high-precision guided weaponry for the Air Force and Navy. The unique complex, carrying the Shkval-E high-speed underwater missile, designed in 1977 and up till now having no match in the world, is one of best examples. There is also the Paket-E/NK small-size anti-torpedo system, the APR-3E airborne anti-boat missile, the Zagon-1 anti-boat corrected aerial bomb. The "Region" specialists rely on the specific scientific and technical solutions as well as unique inventions to create anti-boat weaponry of high operating efficiency.

In 1978 the enterprise was decorated with the Order of the Red Labor Banner for the development of advanced defense products. 122 workers received the Orders and Medals of the USSR and RF, 23 workers became the Laureates of the Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR and the Prize of Lenin Komsomol.

GNPP "Region" takes an active part in the creation of electronic systems for precision artillery, missile and anti-tank armaments, homing heads, onboard heat imaging and radar equipment, communication control systems.

At present the defense products of the enterprise (in particular corrected aerial bombs) are successfully applied in civil areas. Within the framework of the conversion program the Biman-1 superlight flying vehicle, fire fighting equipment and some other civil products are made.

Relying on scientific and technological potential and unique test facilities, the high-qualified specialists of the enterprise effectively apply modern information technologies in their work and embark on the perspective lines of research. This approach saves time and money.