ANPP "Temp-Avia"

"Temp-Avia" Arzamas Research and Production Association JSC
OKB “Temp” was established in 1958 under decree of USSR State Council of Ministers dealing with aircraft engineering. Originally the enterprise has been oriented on design of gyro instruments and devices for air vehicles of all kinds.
Even by the beginning of seventies the enterprise becomes the head enterprise in the Ministry of Aircraft Production upon design of angular velocity sensors and linear acceleration pick-ups, autonomous flight indicators, gyro verticals.
Since 1975 the enterprise has been assigned to design control and guidance system for manned and unmanned air vehicles, and a bit later guidance system for space shuttle “Buran”. In 1994 OKB “Temp” has been reorganized into ANPP “Temp-Avia”.
During its lifetime the enterprise developed and put into batch production nearly hundred and a half types of products which operate in all kinds of domestic aircrafts, helicopters, and also used in other equipment.     В Now days the enterprise specializes in development and manufacture of airborne devices for flight vehicles of different kinds and devices for ground-based equipment:
- angular velocity sensors and linear acceleration pick-ups and based on them measurement packages;
- laying and stabilization systems, gyro stabilization;
- autonomous flight indicators, gyro verticals, heading reference systems;
- laser and dynamically self-adjusting gyroscopes, silicon acceleration indicator;
- gyroscopic and magnetic dipping compass.