MIC "NPO Mashinostroenia"


"MIC NPO Mashinostroyenia" JSC went into the house of "Tactical Missiles Corporation" JSC on 27 October 2012 in accordance with RF Presidential Decree № 1443.
“Military Industrial Corporation NPO Mashinostroyenia”, the legal successor of Federal State Unitary Enterprise “NPO Mashinostroyenia” is one of the leading space and rocketry companies of Russia. JSC MIC Mashinostroyenia, as a prime contractor in the multi-discipline cooperation, providing the National Armed Forces with advanced military equipment and collaborating with foreign partners in the military and technical fields.
The head of the company is Alexander Georgievich Leonov, Director General and Designer General.
For more than half a century of its history,  MIC Mashinostroyenia has developed and commissioned over 25 missile and space complexes for various purposes.
In 1944 the company managed by Vladimir Nikolaevich Chelomey, the outstanding designer and scientist, was charged with the task to create a new type of weapons: a pilotless aircraft-missile of 10 Х type to arm the long range aviation.
In the middle of 1950s cruise missiles for reciprocal attacks to land targets located thousand kilometers away from USSR borders, in the coastal and back areas of the enemy, were designed and deployed on the Russian naval submarines. This allowed first in the after-war history to make confrontation with the potential agressors effective and later, after creation of powerful anti-ship missiles, to give adequate assymmetric response to the naval forces of potential enemies. Today the basic anti ship weapons of the Russian Navy are the combat complexes with the cruise missiles designed by the company.
In 1960 the company started to design space equipment, launch vehicles and intercontinental ballistic missiles. Many systems and complexes developed at that time are still in operation nowadays. Famous "one hundred" (IBM UR-100) of various modifications have been ensuring strategic parity in nuclear confrontation since the middle of 1960s and till today.
Many fundamentally new developments in the rocket building and space engineering have been born here. Secret of success is in the complex approach to solution of problems raised by the time. It enabled their most efficient implementation within short periods with minimum funds.
That was the way how fist in the world satellites for global sea surveillance were created, as well as maneuvering space vehicles, Proton heavy launch vehicle and manned space stations delivered to the orbit by it, complexes with intercontinental ballistic missiles, highly efficient anti-ship weapons .
Even now JSC MIC Mashinostroyenia continues to work for projects of national importance, and create sophisticated rocket and missile complexes and systems, which prototypes do not exist in the world.
Unique experience in missile and space technologies and continuous scientific research and advanced engineering enable successful implementation of works under governmental orders and make a considerable progress in cooperation with foreign countries.
Indian - Russian joint venture BrahMos was established and works successfully in terms of intergovernmental agreement with the Republic of India for creation of missile complexes with supersonic antiship multipurpose long range cruise missile.
Successful work of the company for decades became a crucial factor in Reutov-town progress and in its awarding with the status of “scientific city” of Russian Federation in 2003.
At present the vertically integrated structure of the military and industrial corporation “NPO Mashinostoyenia” is being made, the major goal of the corporation will be guaranteed fulfillment of the governmental orders, seeking for international contracts in the field of military and technical cooperation and augmentation of civil and dual-purpose equipment production.