"Mashinostroitel"Perm Factory

Historical information. Founded on October 6, 1967 . Under Ministry of Defense orders the company tested and serially produced a number of missiles and space equipment developed by leading design bureaus of the country under supervision of S.P.Korolev, V.N.Chelomei, М . К .Yangel etc.

Unique technologies, excellent skills of workers, engineers and technicians, creative potential of specialists ensured high reliability of the products. The factory participated in international program «Intercosmos», manufactured separation and soft landing motors for space vehicle «Energya-Buran».

Awarded with Order of Labour Red Banner for great contribution into technologies assimilation and manufacture of the products.

In 2006 the quality management system of the company was certified for compliance with International standards GOST-R ISO 9001:2001.

In 2007 the company was reformed into "Mashinostroitel" Perm Factory JSC.

Basic areas of specialization:

Developmental testing and serial production of missiles and space equipment jointly with leading Russian design bureaus; manufacture and integration of assemblies from composite materials for rocketry and aviation equipment including those for advanced civil aircraft motor PS-90 А 2; realization of methods and means for destruction of solid propellant missiles according to international Treaties on strike armament limitation (SALT-1, SALT-2); fabrication of assemblies and modules for gas pumping machines like «Ural»; upgrading of stationary drilling rigs; manufacture of heat exchange equipment for oil processing and chemical companies; fabrication of wide range of consumer goods.



Director General: Lomaev Vladimir Ivanovich