Historical information. Founded in 1962 year. It was a pioneer in mastering technologies of composite materials industrial production. Already be 1967 the company manufactured more than 400 types of products. «Avangard» directly participated in manufacture of the most sophisticated soviet missile equipment: glass plastic transporting-launching canisters for the missiles and motor casings for first domestic solid propellant intercontinental ballistic missiles and mobile land-based complexes. Since middle 1980s the company manufactured front fairings from composite materials for space stations Mir and International Space Station.

In 1976 the company was rewarded with the Order of Labour Red Banner.

Basic areas of activities: Manufacture of large articles from composite materials (glass plastics, carbon plastics), as well as products from plastic and rubber. The company designs and fabricates glass plastic chemical resistant vessels with volume up to 200 m 3 for storage and transportation of aggressive liquids; glass plastic chimneys for industrial companies, water boiling stations and central heating and power generating plants; glass plastic pipes for transportation of acids, alkalis, oil refining products glass, plastic air ducts, coal slurry pipelines, drainage pipes; volumetric structures from composite materials; railroad and tram road crossings from rubber plates and many other articles.




Director General: Konstantin Alexandrovich Gorely