“Concern “Sea Undewater Weapon – Gidropribor”

JSC “Concern “Sea Underwater Weapon - Gidropribor” is the leading organization in Russia engaged in creating marine underwater weapons and special-purpose underwater equipment.

The head enterprise’s history starts in 1921. In the 1950s the institute turned into a multifunctional organization with a fully developed laboratory facility, its own fleet of test ships and pilot production. The institute was renamed a few times and was a head enterprise of Research and Production Association “Uran”.
Due to its achievements in creating weapons for the Navy, “Gidropribor” was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor in 1966 and the Order of the October Revolution in 1982.
The Concern’s enterprises have developed and supplied to the Navy dozens of torpedo and mine weapons for various purposes, sweep armament, equipment for mine detection and destruction, acoustic countermeasure systems, underwater surveillance systems and underwater equipment for divers’ transportation.
“Concern “Sea Underwater Weapon - Gidropribor” was incorporated by Tactical Missiles Corporation in 2015.
Nowadays the Concern is a head enterprise of an integrated structure, which includes “Research & Design Institute “Morteplotekhnika JSC (Lomonosov, Saint Petersburg), “Zavod “Dvigatel” JSC (Saint Petersburg), “Zavod “Dagdizel” JSC (Kaspiysk, Republic of Dagestan), “Verhneufaleysky zavod “Uralelement” JSC (Verkhny Ufaley, Chelyabinsk region) and “Electrotyaga” JSC (Saint Petersburg).

The Concern offers development, production, modernization, supply, after-sales service and repairs as well as training personnel.

Main production types:
- torpedo weapons;
- mine and mine countermeasure weapons;
- acoustic countermeasure systems;
- unmanned underwater vehicles.