“Concern “Sea Undewater Weapon – Gidropribor”

The State Research Center of the Russian Federation JSC “Concern “Sea Undewater Weapon – Gidropribor” is a leader in producing naval armament and special-purpose underwater equipment.
Gidropribor carries out a complete set of activities, including basic research, full-scale R&D, which covers prototype building and testing, followed by establishing and supervising batch production.
The Concern comprises the following enterprises:
- JSC “Zavod “Dvigatel” (Saint Petersburg);
- JSC “Verhneufaleysky zavod “Uralelement” (Verkhny Ufaley, Chelyabinsk region);
- JSC “Research & Design Institute “Morteplotekhnika” (Lomonosov, Saint Petersburg);
- JSC “Zavod “Dagdizel” (Kaspiysk, Republic of Dagestan);
- JSC “Electrotyaga” (Saint Petersburg).

Primary activity fields:
- torpedo weapons;
- full range of naval mines;
- a range of contact and distance sweeps;
- means of acoustic countermeasures;
- self-contained unmanned underwater vehicle;
- a wide range of civilian products for various industries.

General Director – Vladimir V. Patrushev