SC “Rawenstvo” is one of the leading enterprises in Russia, that produces radioelectronic warfare systems for the Russian Naval Forces. It is an affiliate of JSC “Concern “Granit-Electron” since 2006, and as a part of it was incorporated by the Tactical Missiles Corporation in 2018.

“Rawenstvo” was founded in the form of the instrument-making plant No 868 in 1952.
The enterprise’s employees have created and fielded more than 25 types of radioelectronic systems during its lifespan. Most of them were installed on ships and submarines in the Navy. The Okean type radar stations for various vessels, such as bulk carriers, icebreakers, tankers, fishing ships and etc., are widely known in the world. A range of radar stations are exported and have proved their high efficiency during their usage in different world regions.
More than 260 gamma therapeutical complexes for cancer treatment such as the Rokus-R have been supplied to medical facilities in USSR, Russian and foreign countries.
In order to ensure the design the enterprise has a testing laboratory. Most of the testing of the products is carried out in it.
The enterprise has engulfed the labor and experience of a few generations of workers, designers, product engineers, managers during its fruitful history. The large and friendly team at “Rawenstvo” develops the traditions, established at the plant.

High scientific and technical potential, gathered at “Rawenstvo”, helps the enterprise to successfully and in good time master the new lines of action. Nowadays many Russian and foreign ships and submarines are equipped with detection systems, and radar stations successfully work as part of the vessel traffic control systems. Many hospitals in Russia use the Rokus type medical equipment to treat cancer.

Main production types are:
- Coastal radar stations for vessel traffic control systems;
- Radar stations for surface target detection and ships and submarines navigation;
- Medical complexes for cancer treatment.