"Severniy press"

JSC “Severniy press” is one of Russia’s leading enterprises, producing compound parts of onboard systems for cruise missiles control, shipborne systems for fire control of anti-submarine and anti-torpedo weapons, including microelectronic components. It is an affiliate of JSC “Concern “Granit-Electron” since 2006, and as a part of it was incorporated by the Tactical Missiles Corporation in 2018.

The enterprise was founded in 1932 and based on departments on “Nevgvozd” trust. During the Great War the enterprise produced anti-tank and anti-personnel grenades, anti-personnel mines, depth bomb casings and Shpagin’s flare guns.
The plant was passed over to Research and Development institute-49 (nowadays “Concern “Granit-Electron”) in 1957. After this the enterprise mastered new products, such as the Zarya, the Flag, the Albatros, the Bukhta, the Chibis radar stations, the Shpat, the Turmalin, the Boksit nuclear submarines’ steering wheels automated control systems, the Ton buoyancy control systems, the Kren and the Mayatnik indicators.
According to the decision of the Ministry of shipbuilding “Severniy press” was integrated in the structure of Leningrad research and production association “Granit” in 1973. It started producing automated onboard control systems of the Bazalt and Vulkan cruise anti-ship missiles as well as test and control equipment for enterprises. Later the enterprise started producing automated onboard control systems of the new generation of cruise anti-ship missiles – the Granit. The introduction of thin-film technology in the production of slices and microelectronic components allowed the plant to begin making antenna posts for the radar station MRKP-58, produced by Central Research and Development institute “Granit” in the early 1980s. Since 1988 the enterprise has produced MRKP-59, which are still used by submarines of the Russian Naval Forces.
According to the decision of the Ministry of shipbuilding, “Severniy press” plant became an independent enterprise in 1990.
By the Edict of the Russian Federation president No 398 of 21.03.2007 the integrated structure of JSC “Concern “Granit-Electron” was created, which incorporated JSC “Severniy press”.

Nowadays “Severniy press” works closely with other enterprises of “Concern “Granit-Electron”, and successfully produces a range of instruments and systems for the automated onboard control system of the Oniks and BrahMos cruise anti-ship missiles. It also takes part in producing prototype samples of the state-of-the-art control equipment for sea-, air- and coastal-based cruise missiles, that are unrivalled in the world.

Main production types are:
- Compound parts of onboard systems for cruise missiles control;
- Microelectronic components.