"Petrovsky electromechanical zavod "Molot"

JSC “Petrovsky Electromechanical zavod “Molot” is one of the leading enterprises producing radio technical equipment for detection, navigation and weapons control systems for the Navy. It is an affiliate of JSC “Concern “Granit-Electron” since 2006, and as a part of it was incorporated by the Tactical Missiles Corporation in 2018.

The enterprise was founded July 1, 1938 as the plant No 251. It was evacuated in Petrovsk (Saratov oblast) in 1941. Along with producing military equipment, control devices for submerged torpedo firing were designed at the plant.
“Petrovsky Electromechanical zavod “Molot” took part in producing the following systems: the Leningrad, the Brest, the Tifon (control devices for torpedo firing); the Koren, the Almaz, the Uzel (tactical data systems); the Klyon, the Korall, the RPK (radio communication control panels), the Smerch, the Burya, the Purga (control systems); the Aist automatic steering devices for submarines and surface vessels, designed by central research institute “Granit”, central research institute “Agat”, central research institute “Elektropribor”, scientific production association “Almaz” and other institutes.
All products except the Koren and the Almaz tactical data systems are exported and have proved their high efficiency during military conflicts in various world regions.
The enterprise is awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for its merits in creating and producing new equipment and successfully completing the seven-year plan of 1959–1965.

Nowadays the enterprise specializes in producing instrumental equipment for tactical data systems and weapon control systems.
The enterprise produces the spare parts and SPTA components and repairs the articles, which have already been produced and are produced now.
In order to ensure the development of pilot products and batch production the enterprise has a testing facility, which is used for ground check of the systems, instruments, units and modules.

Main types of production are:
- radio technical equipment for radar tracking and navigation;
- components and instruments for tactical data systems and weapon control systems;
- training sets for the Navy;
- automatic steering systems.