"Research & Design Institute "Morteplotekhnika"

JSC “Research and Design Institute “Morteplotekhnika” is the leading enterprise in Russia that designs and produces heat (steam) torpedoes and their power plants.

“Research and Design Institute “Morteplotekhnika” was founded in 1948 due to the need to develop new long-range heat torpedoes for the Navy.
During its lifespan the Institute has developed into the special-purpose research and design center with unique experience, comprehensive data bank and specialized equipment. The enterprise’s employees fulfill the whole range of works on creating heat torpedoes.
The enterprise was incorporated by Tactical Missiles Corporation as part of JSC “Concern “Sea Underwater Weapon - Gidropribor” in 2015.

The institute’s lines of work are: the range of works from research and design to full-scale sea and ground tests of underwater weapons; development of power plants; development and use of special equipment for sea and ground tests of underwater weapons.
All the Institute’s products are characterized by extraordinary performance, like speed and range, ability to be used in any spot of the world’s seas, low noise level, smooth speed adjustment, perfect protection from acoustic countermeasures, easy and cheap exploitation, high safety when used and stored, modular construction with the ability to be upgraded, automated condition control, long operational life, more favorable “efficiency-cost” factor, than that of the world’s analogues and etc.
Nowadays Research & Design Institute “Morteplotekhnika” contributes greatly both to the defense capability of Russia and the world’s science.

Main production types:
- heat torpedoes of various caliber;
- propulsive power plant for torpedo weapons;
- unmanned underwater vehicles;
- devices for sea tests of weapons and military equipment;
- automated small-sized boiler plants.