"Verhneufaleysky zavod "Uralelement"

JSC “Verhneufaleysky zavod “Uralelement” is the strategic enterprise of the Russian military-industrial complex, which develops and produces chemical current sources and batteries.

The enterprise was founded in 1942 based on the evacuated plant that produced independent current source units. During World War II the enterprise produced batteries for the military.
The production type changed in November 1947, when the enterprise began to manufacture copper-oxide cells for railways.
Production of special-purpose current source for the Ministry of Defense units takes a major role in the 1960s. The enterprise started producing seawater-activated batteries for power plants of torpedo weapons.
The enterprise won a contest among the leading producers of batteries and received a right to fulfill the government contract in 1995. It became the only supplier of the silver-zinc accumulator batteries for submarines.
The enterprise was incorporated by Tactical Missiles Corporation as part of JSC “Concern “Sea Underwater Weapon - Gidropribor” in 2015.

Nowadays the major lines of work at the enterprise are design and production of chemical current sources as well as special and general purpose batteries, research and development works and production operation works.

Main production types:
- seawater-activated batteries for instrumental apparatus and power plants of torpedoes and acoustic countermeasure systems;
- silver-zinc accumulator batteries of high capacity and power for submarines;
- batteries for navigational equipment;
- lithium-ion accumulators and batteries;
- one-shot batteries.