JSC “Electrotyaga” is the leading Russian enterprise which developes and produces various lead-acid accumulators.

“Electrotyaga” was based on one of the oldest Russian enterprises, founded in 1913, that produced lead accumulators. The enterprise manufactured accumulators for submarines before the October Revolution, after which it was nationalized. In 1921 the range of products was expanded, as the accumulators for vehicular and railway transport were added to the product list.
The equipment was mainly evacuated to the east During World War II, so as to produce lead accumulators for the military. The plant’s reconstruction began in 1944 and by the middle of the 1950s it became a leading enterprise in it industrial sector.
The enterprise in its current form was founded in 2001 after merging two plants: “Baltelectro” and “Electrotyaga”.
The enterprise was incorporated by Tactical Missiles Corporation as part of JSC “Concern “Sea Underwater Weapon - Gidropribor” in 2015.

Nowadays “Electrotyaga” mainly produces lead-acid accumulators for submarines, underwater vehicles, armored vehicles, missiles and railway equipment. It is the only enterprise in Russia that produces emergency and cycling lead accumulators for the submarines of the Russian Navy.
The enterprise has a scientific and technical center, which ensures the whole cycle of works from research to production, testing and creating technical documentation.
The enterprise supplies its products both to Russian and foreign clients.

Main production types:
- chemical current sources (accumulators, primary cells and batteries madse of them);
- electrical equipment.