Appeal by Director General

Dear Sirs!

B.V. Obnosov - Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC Director General
Thank you for your interest concerning Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC website!
Tactical Missiles Corporation is the parent enterprise which comprises 25 affiliated enterprises of Russian Military Industrial Sector. The Corporation was formed on the base of a reorganized federal state unitary enterprise “State research and production centre “Zvezda-Strela” in 2002 (Korolev, Moscow region).
For the moment, Tactical Missiles Corporation is the largest designer and supplier of anti-ship, anti-radar and multipurpose missiles, aimed to arm airborne, shipborne and coastal missile systems of tactical purpose.
The experience gathered for the time for more than 70 years consists of industrial, scientific and engineering potential which give our specialists a chance to solve the most difficult engineering tasks concerning design of products as of military as well as of civil use. Products manufactured by the Corporation have found their use practically in all existing lines of industry.
Large hands-on experience, groups of professionals, modern means conducting of matters, foreign trade activity and marketing policy let keep leading positions of the Corporation at world market and guarantee high level of service for our clients.
In our website you may find detailed information about the Corporation, its products and engineering capabilities, attractive projects, news from tactical missiles’ market, also some information concerning history of missiles’ creation in all over the world and in Russia.
I believe that you’ll find all information you need on our website, and your interest shown to our company will grow into fruitful and mutually beneficial co-operation!