About Corporation

Tactical Missiles Corporation joint stock company (JSC) was established in accordance with Federal Target Program such as “Restructuring and development of Defense Industry Complex” (2002-2006 years) and Presidential Decree № 84 dated 24 January 2002.
The Corporation as an integrated structure was formed on the basis of a reorganized federal state unitary enterprise “State research and production centre “Zvezda-Strela” (Korolev) in “Tactical Missiles Corporation”JSC. During such reorganization process the Corporation received shares from enterprises included in Defense Industry Complex. Establishment registration of the Corporation was finished in March 2003.

Strategic targets which lead to the Corporation establishment consisted in keeping and developing of missilery’s research and production capacity, supplying national defense capability, resource mobilization needed for highly effective guided missiles and air-based, ground-based, sea-based weapon systems production, also in strengthening military positions of Russia in world armament market.

Presidential Decrees № 591 dated 9 May 2004, № 930 dated 20 July 2007, № 1443 dated 27 October 2012, № 167 dated 31 March 2015 and № 63 dated 10 February 2018 greatly enlarged the Corporation and now it includes the following enterprises:

 - "Vympel" State Engineering Design Bureau JSC named after I.I. Toropov (Moscow);
 - "Raduga" State Engineering Design Bureau JSC named after A.Y. Bereznyak (Dubna, Moscow region);
 - "Region" Scientific & Production Enterprise JSC (Moscow);
 - "Azov Optomechanical Plant" JSC (Azov, Rostov region);
 - "Detal" Ural Design Bureau JSC (Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk region);
 - "Iskra" Engineering Design Bureau JSC named after I.I. Kartukov (Moscow);
 - "Krasny Gidropress" JSC (Taganrog, Rostov region);
 - "Engineering Design Bureau" JSC (Moscow);
 - "Smolensk aircraft plant" JSC (Smolensk);
 - "Salyut" JSC (Samara);
 - "Soyuz" Turaevo Engineering Design Bureau JSC (Lytkarino, Moscow region);
 - "Scientific Research Center for Automated Systems Design" JSC (Moscow);
 - "Temp-Avia" Arzamas Research & Production Association JSC (Arzamas, Nizhniy Novgorod region);
 - "Scientific Research Institute for Mechanical Engineering" JSC in the name of V.V. Bahirev (Dzerzhinsk, Nizhniy Novgorod region);
 - "Globus" Ryazan Design Bureau JSC (Ryazan);
 - "Central Design Bureau for Automatics Engineering" JSC (Omsk);
 - "TRV-engineering" LLC (Korolev, Moscow region);
 - "711 Aircraft Repair Plant" JSC (Borisoglebsk, Voronezh region);
 - "Military Industrial Corporation NPO Mashinostroenia" JSC (Reutov, Moscow region);
     - "Strela" Production Association JSC (Orenburg);
     - "Mashinostroitel" Perm Factory JSC (Perm);
     - "Avangard" JSC (Safonovo, Smolensk region);
     - "Scientific & Production Association of Electromechanics" JSC (Miass, Chelyabinsk region);
     - "Ural Research Institute of Composite Materials" JSC (Perm);
 - "Concern "Sea Underwater Weapon - Gidropribor" JSC;
     - "Zavod "Dvigatel" JSC (Saint Petersburg);
     - "Verhneufaleysky zavod "Uralelement" JSC (Verkhny Ufaley, Chelyabinsk region);
     - "Research & Design Institute "Morteplotekhnika" JSC (Lomonosov, Saint Petersburg);
     - "Zavod "Dagdizel" JSC (Kaspiysk, Republic of Dagestan);
     - "Electrotyaga" JSC (Saint Petersburg);
 - "Concern "Granit-Electron" JSC (Saint Petersburg);
     - "Rawenstvo" SC (Saint Petersburg);
     - "Severniy press" JSC (Saint Petersburg);
     - "Saratovski radiopribornyi zavod" JSC (Saratov);
     - "Zavod Kulakova" (Saint Petersburg);
     - "Rawenstvo-Service" (Saint Petersburg);
     - "Petrovsky electromechanical zavod "Molot" (Petrovsk, Saratov region). 

Airborne weapons
     The head enterprise of the Corporation manufacture high speed airborne guided missiles such as Kh-31 in the form of anti-radar Kh-31P (Kh-31PK) missile and anti-ship Kh-31A missile; Kh-35E anti-ship guided missile unified under different launch platforms (ship, coast, air).
     GosMKB “Vympel” named after I.I.Toropov manufactures air guided missiles of air-to-air type, comprising R-73E(R-73EL) small-range guided missile for a close-in dogfight; RVV-AE, R-27R1 (R-27ER1), R-27T1 (R-27ET1), R-27P(R-27EP) medium range guided missiles; R-33E long-range guided missile. Besides, the enterprise manufactures guided missiles of air-to-surface type and guided missiles for terrestrial and marine air-defense systems and imitating them target missiles.
     Together with guided missiles,  GosMKB “Vympel” manufactures passive jamming sets for aircrafts and UV-30MK helicopters and special support equipment, such as rail and ejection launchers, beam and cluster holders, manufactured for suspension, transportation and forced release almost of all types of air-bombs, blocks and nacelles for small arms and projectiles,  lifting devices with lock.
     GosMKB “Raduga” named after A.Y.Bereznyak manufactures guided missiles of air-to-surface type among which the most popular are:
“Ovod-ME” missile system with guided missile Kh-59ME; Kh-59MK long-range flight guided missile and also Kh-58E air-anti-radar guided missile.
     GNPP “Region” manufactures smart air bombs and guided air bombs with different guidance systems.
Samples and weapon systems for Navy Fleet
     Russian naval ships as well as foreign ships now days use the following missile systems: 
- “Moskit-E” anti-ship attack and defensive missile systems with high speed anti-ship guided missiles 3M-80E (“Raduga”);
- “Uran-E” shipborne missile system with 3M-24E anti-ship missiles (the head enterprise)
- “Bal-E” mobile coastal missile system with anti-ship 3М-24E missiles (Machine-Building Design Bureau). Machine-Building Design Bureau also specialize in development of torpedoes for ships and decoy dispensing systems.
     Research & Production Enterprise “Region” JSC manufacturers:
- “Shkval-E” which is high-speed underwater missile system intended for destruction of surface targets;
- “Paket-E/NK” small-sized anti-ship system which has two launching charges. One charge able to hit enemy submarine, the other one – hit and destroy enemy torpedo;
- “APR-3E” air-launched antisubmarine guided missile (“Orel-М”);
- anti-ship smart air-bomb  “Zagon-1” and etc.
     The base of product engineering services covers all product life cycle, starting from design drafting, prototype production, carrying out all types of testing, serial production, repair and coming up to products upgrading; meantime, when product working life over it goes through recycling process services. 
     The corporation has the certificate of right to perform foreign trade operations with military-purpose products concerning training of personnel, maintenance and repair of samples previously delivered, as well as delivery of spare parts, training and warlike stores.
    Energetic efforts are put in redesign of basic product line. For the moment the following below products are on their final stage of development:
-  airborne modular tactical guided missiles in the style of Kh-38ME;
-  Kh-59MK2 airborne guided missile;
-  Kh-58UShK anti-radiation missile;
-  KAB-1500LG-F-E corrected air bomb;
-  “Moskit-MBE” anti-ship missile weapon system equipped with anti-ship missile 3M-80MBE.
    Airborne modular tactical guided missiles in the style of Kh-38ME is designed to engage armored, hardened, easy of approach single or group ground target, as well as surface targets in the shoreline.
    Anti-radar missile Kh-58UShKE with all wave passive radar homing head and an autonomous control system is designed to destroy ground-based radars which produce pulsing and continuous waves.
    Airborne guided missile Kh-59MK2 is designed to destroy unmoved ground targets with well-known coordinates of location without radar, infrared and optical contrast towards nearby surroundings. The missile realizes “launch and forget” principle of work due to autonomous identification of the nearby terrain.
    KAB-1500LG-F-E is designed to destroy stationary ground and sea surface pinpoint targets such as concrete shelters, railway and road bridges, military units, ammunition depots, railway terminals, warships and transport vessels.
     Anti-ship missile system “Moskit-MBE” has enhanced range of fire. High supersonic speed (up to 2900 km/h) with maximally low flight level (Н=10-20 м) at a terminal flight  phase and evasive maneuver guarantee high efficiency of the system in case of anti-missile attacks from the side of enemy.
Non-Military Products
     Alongside with military products, the enterprises included in the Corporation produce a great variety of civil and dual-use products:
- power plants for emergency rescue systems of the rocket and space complex’ crew team, soft landing engines for manned spaceships, solid-fuel gas generators for space and aviation equipment and also mobile fire extinguishing installations (MKB “Iskra”). Low-thrust rockets and power plants for space flying vehicles (TMKB “Soyuz”);
- training aircrafts, light multi-purpose aircrafts and pilotless aircrafts (“Smolensk Aircraft Plant”). Night lighting facilities and night vision goggles for the helicopters’ crew (“Azov Optomechanical Plant”). Airdrome, ground equipment and accessories (“Gorizont”);
 -  elements of hydro-vacuum waste disposal system for Tu-204/214 aircrafts and their modifications (the core enterprise);
 - gas safety automation facilities, equipment for nuclear power stations (“Krasny Gidropress”). Household gas heating equipment (Torgovi Dom “Zvezda-Strela”);
 - wind energy installations of broad power range which work autonomously or in a system and also able to work in combination with diesel-power, gas turbine or solar power generators (GosMKB”Raduga”);
  - medical devices, electrical and electronic systems, special equipment for fuel and energy industry, automated water purification systems, TV satellite broadcasting transmitters-receivers ("Central Design Bureau for Automatics Engineering”);
 - communication and test facilities for railway transport and machine-building industry (UPKB “Detal”), etc.
It should be noted, that the Corporation’s enterprises have been mastering high technology products for civil use.

The Director General of the Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC is Boris Viktorovich Obnosov