Nickolai K. Sorokin
The first director of plant  No. 455 (1942 - 1943)
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Michael P. Gorbunov
Director of plant No. 455 (1943-1950)
    Michael P. Gorbunov was born in 1904 in Zhuravka village (Moscow region) in a peasant family. He began his labour activities in Olenkovo state-farm. Then he worked at the factory of "Mosselprom" in "Orghim" Trust. Further steps were made at the plant No. 22 of The People's Commissariat of the Aircraft Industry, where he worked as a foreman. Thanks to his successful work, some time later he was appointed deputy chief engineer. In 1939 Michael Gorbunov was decorated with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. At the same time he studied in Industrial College at the evening department of the Moscow Aircraft Institute. He didn't manage to finish his education and obtain a diploma because in 1941 World War II began. During Moscow defense Michael Gorbunov worked as a head of production at the factory No. 22 of  The People's Commissariat of the Aircraft Industry. Since July 15, 1941 he was responsible for the air defense of the factory. Besides, he was in charge of building defense structures in Moscow and its region. Under the order No. 359 of April 27, 1943 of the Deputy People's Commissar of the Aircraft Industry, Michael Gorbunov was appointed director of  plant No. 455 of the USSR People's Commissariat. He successfully worked there till May 1950.

Michael P. Arzhakov
Director of plant No. 455- Kaliningrad Engineering Plant (1950-1974)
    Michael P. Arzhakov was born in 1903 in Borisovo village (Moscow region) in a peasant family. He graduated from Moscow Institute of Non-ferrous Alloys and Gold in 1933. His work record in the aircraft industry began in 1932 at the post of a shift engineer at Plant No. 34 of the USSR People's Commissariat of the Aircraft Industry. He worked there till 1944, successively taking higher posts till he was appointed  director of production. Michael Arzhakov was sent to the USA to improve his qualification. In 1940 he was decorated with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for mastering new equipment.
    During World War II Michael Arzhakov was in charge of evacuation operation of Plant No. 34 to Troitsk (Cheljabinsk region), where the production of military hardware was streamlined within the shortest possible time.
    In 1943 the Order of the Red Star was conferred on him for supplying the front with defense equipment.
    In 1944 under the order of the Ministry of the Aircraft Industry Arzhakov was appointed director of Moscow Plant No. 43.
    In 1950 he took a post of director of  Plant No. 455. At the same time he attended the courses of the Academy of the Ministry of Aircraft Industry. Under his leadership the enterprise was reconstruced, experimental design bureau was founded, new methods and modern technologies were introduced, and the branch of the All-Union Correspondence Polytechnic Institute was set up. In 1953 Michael Arzhakov made a decision on production of the following consumer goods:

  • tea and coffee sets
  • iron machines
  • domestic heaters
  • tennis and badminton rackets
  • electroengines
  • highly secure locks, etc.

    In 1956 the plant began production of the first Soviet guided "air-to-air" missile RS-1-U. Some time later the other missile models were developed. Thanks to the efficient leadership of Michael P. Arzhakov, the Plant was decorated with the Flag of Reputation for Work in 1970 and the title of "High-culture production enterprise" in 1972.
    Michael Arzhakov, winner of the Lenin prize, was decorated with Honorary Diploma of Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR, Lenin Order and Order of October Revolution.

Vjacheslav A. Beljakov
Director of Kaliningrad engineering plant - Kaliningrad production and design enterprise "Strela". Director General of Kaliningrad production enterprise "Strela" (1974-1987)

    Vjacheslav A. Beljakov was born in 1922 in Hlebnikovo village (Moscow region). Between 1938 and 1939 he studied at school of factory and plant education (FZO school). After graduation he worked as a turner at the Moscow plant "Borets" till 1940.
    Between 1940 and 1941 he held the same post at Plant No. 207 of The People's Commissariat of the Aircraft Industry.
    During World War II he took part in combat operations against fascists. He was wounded three times and decorated with the Gallantry Medal.
   Over the period of 1941-1945 he worked at the Moscow Trolleybus Plant, taking the posts of a foreman, head foreman and deputy shop superintendent.
    Between 1952 and 1961 he worked at Dolgoprudny Engineering Plant at the posts of  head inspection master, shop superintendent and deputy secretary of the enterprise's Party Committee. After that for seven consecutive years Vjacheslav Beljakov worked as a shop superintendent and deputy head of production at the same plant.  From 1968 till 1974 he was involved in trade-union and Party work.
    In 1974 Vjacheslav Beljakov was appointed director of Kaliningrad Engineering Plant, where he worked till 1987.
    He was decorated with Lenin Order (twice), Order of October Revolution, Devoted Work Medal and other State awards for his excellent labor activities.

Vjacheslav A. Shapovalov
Director General of Kaliningrad Production
Enterprise "Strela" (1987-1990) 
    Vjacheslav A. Shapovalov was born in 1946 in Rostov region, Likhaja station. In 1964 he entered the Kharkov Aircraft Institute. In 1969 before graduating from the institute he was sent to Kaliningrad Engineering Plant for training. Then he worked there as an engineer-designer at experimental and design bureau, chief engineer-designer, group master and head of experimental design bureau. Between 1978 and 1982 he was involved in the Party work at Kaliningrad Production enterprise "Strela".
    In June 1982 Vjacheslav Shapovalov was appointed director of Bendersk Engineering Plant, making part of Kaliningrad Production Enterprise. In 1986 he was sent to study at the National Economy Academy at the USSR Council of Ministries.
    In January 1987 Vjacheslav A. Shapovalov was appointed director general of Kaliningrad Production Enterprise "Strela".  In 1990 he became chief of the Head Board of Science and Production Development of Minaviaprom.

Nickolai S. Zhutchkov
Director General of Kaliningrad production enterprise "Strela"-Kaliningrad engineering plant "Strela" (1990-1994)
    Nickolai S. Zhutchkov was born in 1928 in Kirlay village (Mordovskaya ASSR) in a worker's family. In 1946 he moved to the town of Kostino near Moscow. Between 1946 and 1950 he studied in Mitischi Engineering Colledge. In 1957, simultaneously with his labor activities, he graduated from the All-Union Correspondence Engineering Institute, trained for an engineer. In 1967 Nickolai Zhutchkov attended one-year courses of industrial production and building administrators at  Moscow Engineering and Economic Institute named after S. Ordzhonikidze. 
    His work record began at Kaliningrad Engineering Plant,  where he first worked as an engineer in a customer representation. Then he held  the posts of chief production engineer, deputy assembling shop superintendent, chief quality inspector, assembling-and-mechanical shop superintendent, deputy chief engineer. In September 1968 he was appointed chief engineer-first deputy director general of Kaliningrad Engineering Plant.
    Between 1990 and 1994 he was director general of  "Strela" KPE.
    Nickolai S. Zhu