Chief designers

Michael E. Edidovich
Head of design bureau of plant No. 455 (1957-1966)
    Michael E. Edidovich was born in 1911 in Gomel in a chemist's family. Having finished school, he took a job  at an electromechanical shop. Then he came to work as a turner at the Lopse Electroplant, where he was several times promoted and finally was appointed chief engineer. At the same time he studied at Moscow Engineering Institute.
    During World War II the plant was evacuated to Kirov. Michael Edidovich was responsible of mastering the production of new kinds of products for the front. In 1942 he was decorated with the Badge of Honor for his labor activities during the war, and in 1945 -  the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, medals for "Moscow Defense" and "Devoted Work During World War of 1941-1945".
    Between 1950 and 1956 Michael Edidovich worked as chief technologist at Plant No. 455. From 1957 till 1966 he was the head of  the design bureau. Under his leadership guided RS-1U, RS-2U, RS-2US, R-8T and R-8M "air-to-air" missiles were designed and put into series production.

Juri N. Korolev
Chief designer of Kaliningrad engineering plant (1966-1973)
    Juri N. Korolev was born in 1925 in Moscow. During World War II he worked as a turner at the Moscow