Corporation news


Tactical Missiles Corporation will traditionally take part in the GIDROAVIASALON '2016 international exhibition and scientific conference on hydroaviation, which will be held from 22 through 25 September 2016.
Enterprises of the Corporation will display the following advanced products at the joint exposition:
- the KH-35UE tactical anti-ship missile;
- the KH-31AD air-launched high-speed anti-ship missile;
- the KH-59 MK extended-range air-to-surface missile;
- the APR-3E air-launched anti-submarine missile;
- the anti-torpedo from the Paket-E/NK small-sized anti-submarine system;
- the small-sized heat-seeking torpedo from the Paket-E/NK small-sized anti-submarine system;
- the Gran-KE active-passive radar homing head;
- the Bal-E coastal missile system with the KH-35U missile;
- The RVV-MD guided air-to-air missile;
- The RVV-SD air-to-air missile.
The Mayak-2014B sonar station for detecting small-sized underwater objects will be presented in digital form.
The purpose of the GIDROAVIASALON exhibition is to demonstrate water- and ship-based aircraft and helicopters, prospects of its development and applications for passenger and cargo transportation, tourism, patrol, search-and-rescue sea operations, rendering aid in case of emergencies and ecological disasters. The previous GIDROAVIASALON ‘2014 hosted more than 200 participants. This number is expected to rise in 2016.