Corporation news


By the Edict No 63 of the President of the Russian Federation JSC “Concern “Granit-Electron” (Saint-Petersburg) was incorporated by Tactical Missiles Corporation, JSC (Korolyov, Moscow oblast) on February 10, 2018.
The initiative belongs to the Russian Government, as its goal is to reform, modernize and merge enterprises, which are part of bigger cross-sectoral structures in the military-industrial complex.
Due to the increase of authorized capital of Tactical Missiles Corporation it places additional shares, which are paid up by the Russian Federation by contributing to the TMC’s authorized capital 100% of the government-owned shares of “Concern “Granit-Electron” minus one share.
The Russian Government will ensure that the shares are transferred and the Russian Federation’s equity in the authorized capital of Tactical Missiles Corporation is 100%.
“Concern “Granit-Electron” is one of Russia’s largest research and production enterprises. It specializes on electronic warfare systems for the Navy.
The structure comprises JSC Concern «Granit-Electron» (Saint-Petersburg), JSC «Severny Press» (Saint-Petersburg), JSC «Rawenstvo» (Saint-Petersburg), JSC «Zavod Kulakova» (Saint-Petersburg), JSC «Rawenstvo-Service» (Saint-Petersburg), JSC «Saratovski radiopribornyi zavod» (Saratov), JSC «Petrovsky electromechanical zavod «Molot» (Petrovsk, Saratov oblast).