TMC to present its military and civil products at the IMDS-2019


TMC to present its military and civil products at the IMDS-2019

Tactical Missiles Corporation will take part in the ninth International Maritime Defence Show, which will be held in St. Petersburg from 10 to 14 July 2019.
Military products designed by the head enterprise, “Raduga” State Engineering Design Bureau, “Region” Scientific and Production Enterprise, Military and Industrial Corporation “NPO Mashinostroyenia”, Concern “Sea Underwater Weapon – Gidropribor”, “Research and Design Institute “Morteplotekhnika”, Concern “Granit-Electron” and “Electrotyaga” will be presented at the Corporation’s booth during the Show.

Designs of the head enterprise:
-         the Kh-35UE air-launched and ship-based tactical anti-ship missile;
-         the Kh-31AD air-launched high-speed anti-ship missile;
-         the Bal-E coastal missile system;
-         transport and launch pod container with the Kh-35UE anti-ship missile.

Designs of “Raduga” State Engineering Design Bureau:
-         the Kh-59MK extended-range air-to-surface missile.
Designs of “Region” Scientific and Production Enterprise:
-         the APR-3E air-launched anti-submarine missile;
-         the Paket-E/NK small-sized anti-submarine system with the anti-torpedo;
-         the unmanned underwater vehicle from the Aleksandrit-ISPUM-E counter-mine system.

Designs of Military and Industrial Corporation “NPO Mashinostroyenia”:
-         the Kondor-E small spacecraft of the Earth remote sensing system.

Designs of Concern “Sea Underwater Weapon – Gidropribor”:
-         the MDM-1 and the MDM-3 sea bottom mines;
-         the MShM sea offshore mine;
-         the TE-2 electric TV-guided multipurpose torpedo;
-         the MG-74ME unmanned underwater vehicle for sonar countermeasures;
-         the APM instrument module for modernization and equipping bottom mines.

         Designs of “Research and Design Institute “Morteplotekhnika”:
-         the UGST deep-water multi-purpose homing torpedo.

Designs of “Electrotyaga”:
-         accumulator battery for submarines of the 476E type.

Designs of Concern “Granit-Electron”:
-         equipment of the control system for the Uran-E ship-based missile system;
-         homing head of the Yakhont anti-ship missile;
-         the Mys-M1E (mobile) and the MR-10M1E (stationary) coastal radar systems;
-         the 3Ts-25E ship-based target designation radar;
-         the MRKP-59E complex radar system for submarines;
-         the MRK-50UE radar system for surface targets detection and submarine navigation.

A wide range of civil and double-purpose products will be on display at the Corporation’s booth. It will include advanced goods for the shipping, medical, fuel and energy, metallurgical and chemical industries; aviation as well as railway and motor transport.
An eventful business program involving foreign delegations is scheduled and products of the Corporation will be showcased using modern multimedia technology.

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