TMC to present its new developments at the MAKS 2021


TMC to present its new developments at the MAKS 2021

Tactical Missiles Corporation (TMC) will take part in the fifteenth MAKS 2021 International aviation and space salon in Zhukovsky (Moscow oblast) from 20 to 25 July. Director General Boris Obnosov will head the Corporation’s team.

The enterprises incorporated by TMC will present a variety of armament items and weapon systems, as well as a wide range of double-purpose and civil products.

Designs to be presented by the head enterprise are the Grom-E1 air-launched guided missile, the Grom-E2 air-launched guided glide bomb, the Kh-35UE tactical anti-ship missile, the Kh-38MLE air-launched guided modular small-range missile with a combined homing system, the Kh-31AD air-launched high-speed anti-ship missile, the Kh-31PD air-launched high-speed anti-radiation missile and the Bal-E coastal missile system.

“Raduga” State Engineering Design Bureau will show the Kh-59MK extended-range air-to-surface missile and the Kh-58UShKE air-launched anti-radiation missile.

“Vympel” State Engineering Design Bureau will present the air-launched guided air-to-air missiles: the long-range RVV-BD, the medium-range RVV-SD and the small-range RVV-MD.

Product line of “Region” Scientific and Production Enterprise will be represented by the APR-3ME air-launched anti-submarine missile and the KAB-250LG-E guided bomb with a laser homing head and a high-explosive fragmentation warhead.

Designs to be shown by MIC “NPO Mashinostroyenia” are the Bastion mobile coastal missile system with the Yakhont anti-ship cruise missiles and the Kondor-E small spacecraft of the Earth remote sensing system.

“Globus” Ryazan Design Bureau will present the OKA-E-1 preparation system for air-launched guided weapons.

“Detal” Ural Design Bureau will show the RVE, the A-069A and the A-079E radio altimeters and the Gran-KE active-passive radar homing head.

Design to be presented by “Iskra” Engineering Design Bureau is the AK-0.4-M2 ground air-conditioning unit.

A wide range of civil and double-purpose products will be on display in the Corporation’s booth. It will include advanced goods for the space, shipping, medical, fuel and energy, metallurgical and chemical industries; aviation; railway and motor transport; as well as housing and utilities sector.

An eventful business program involving foreign delegations is scheduled and products of the Corporation will be showcased using modern multimedia technology.

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