R-73E/R-73EL Air-to-Air Guided Missiles



The R-73E/R-73EL small-range and close air combat air-to-air missiles are designed to engage various types of air targets, such as fighters, bombers, attack and military transport aircraft, approaching from any direction, by day and night, in conditions of ground clutter and enemy active countermeasures.
They feature an all-aspect IR passive homing head and ensure missile launch in accordance with the "fire-ad-forget" principle.
The missiles' high agility is due to a unique combined gas/aerodynamic control system.
The missiles are powered by a one-mode solid-fuel rocket engine.
The R-73E missile modification is equipped with a radar proximity fuse/target sensor, while the R-73EL-with a laser proximity target sensor.
The missiles make part of weapon systems of MiG/Su type and other aircraft.
The missiles can be employed not only by fighters, but also by attack aircraft and helicopters.
The missile is carried under the carrier aircraft and launched in combat, or jettisoned in emergency, by means of the P-72-1D/P-72-1DB2 airborne rail launcher.
The missiles can be adapted for employment from foreign-made carriers in accordance with the technology, developed by the designer.



Developer and manufacturer: State Machine-Building Design Bureau "Vympel"



 Launch range, km:
 head-on, max
 tail-on, min
 Target designation angle, ang.deg.
 Target engagment altitudes, km
 Max target g-load
 up to 12
 Warhead type
 Warhead weight,kg
 Launch weight, kg
 Missile dimensions, m:
 body diameter
 wing span
 control plane span