RVV-AE Air-to-Air Guided Missile





The RVV-AE medium-range air-to-air guided missile is designed to engage air targets, such as fighters, bombers, attack aircraft, helicopters, military transports, and cruise missiles, at all aspects against ground and water surface, by day and night, in conditions of enemy electronic countermeasures, including a multichannel "fire-and-forget" mode.
The missile is guided with an inertial/radio-corrected navigation system in the initial flight phase, and an active radar homing head in the terminal phase. It is powered with a one-mode solid-fuel rocket engine.
The warhead is of a multi-shaped charge rod type. It is fitted with a laser proximity target sensor.
The missile's design with folding lattice control planes (electrically driven) and low-aspect wing make it small-sized enough for accomodation inside carrier's fuselage.
The missiles make part of weapon systems of MiG/Su-type and other aircraft.
The missile is suspended under the aircraft on the AKU-170E launch unit providing for in-flight power supply, combat launch and emergency jettison.
The missile can also be adapted for employment from foreign-made carriers in accordance with the technology developed by the missile designer.
The RVV-AE missile can also be launched from land-based anti-air weapon systems making part of air defence missile/artillery units, including those armed with anti-aircraft guns.
The RVV-AE missile, intended for combat employment from land-based launchers, is stored in a transport-launch container.




Developer and manufacturer: State Machine-Building Design Bureau "Vympel"




 Launch range, km:
 max, in front hemisphere
 min, in rear hemisphere
 Target engagement altitude, km
 Warhead weight, kg
 Launch weight, kg
 Missile dimensions, m:
 body diameter
 wing span
 control plane span (in-flight position)
Ground-based Missile's performance:
 Engagement zone, km:
  course parameter