R-33E Airborne Guided Missile



The R-33E long-range air-to-air guided missile is intended for all-aspect round-the-clock interception of air targets, including cruise missiles, against various background surfaces,  in fair and adverse weather conditions, in spite of natural and enemy-organized interference. The R-33E missile is the basic weapon of the MiG-31E interceptor.
Missile control system as a part of the MiG-31E weapon system ensures autonomous guidance of missiles launched from one or several aircraft against one or several air targets that may fly at different altitudes and speeds.
The R-33E missile  features inertial guidance at the initial leg and semi-active radar homing at the terminal leg. The missile is powered with a fixed-thrust solid-fuel engine. It is equipped with an active pulse-type proximity target sensor effective at the range of up to 20 m. Warhead is of HE fragmentation type.
Developer and manufacturer: State Machine-Building Design Bureau "Vympel"

 Launch range, km
 Target engagement altitudes, km
 Engaged target flight speed, km/h
 Target g-load
 Warhead type
 HE fragmentation
 Warhead weight, kg
 Launch weight, kg
 Missile dimensions, m:
 body diameter
 wing span
 control plane span
 Engine type
 two-mode solid-fuel rocket