R-27R1 / R-27ER1

R-27R1, R-27ER1 Guided  Missiles 



The R-27R1 and R-27ER1 medium range air-to-air missiles with semi-active radar homing heads are designed to engage air targets by day and night, in fair and adverse weather conditions, in the front and rear hemispheres, also against diverse underlying surfaces with enemy's active evasive manoeuvring and intensive jamming.
The missiles pursue their targets in accordance with an update proportional navigation method both in the inertial/radio-corrected flight trajectory phase and in the semi-active homing phase after locking on target en route.
The missiles' fusing systems are based on radar proximity and impact target sensors.
The missile layouts are characterized by modular design.
Both missiles are intended to arming MiG/Su-type combat aircraft.
The missiles are suspended under the aircraft on the AKU-470 ejection unit/APU-470 launch unit, designed for their carriage, launch and emergency jettison.
The missiles can be adapted for employment from foreign-made carriers in accordance with the technology, developed by the missile designer.




Developer and designer: State Machine-Building Design Bureau "Vympel"





 Launch range, km:
 against fighter-type targets
 against some other targets
 up to 75
 up to 100 (90)
 Missile dimensions, m:
 body diameter:
  control unit section
  at solid-fuel rocket section
 wing span
 control plane span
 Warhead type
 rod-type load-carrying
 rod-type load-carrying
 Warhead weight, kg
 Launch weight, kg
 Engine type
 solid rocket
 solid rocket