RVV-MD Air-to-Air Short Range Missile





RVV-MD air-to-air short range missile for close high maneuverable air combat provides hitting air targets (fighters, bombers, combat aircrafts, military aircrafts and helicopters), day and night, at all angles, on background of earth, under active enemy counteraction. It has increased anti-jamming protection including optical jamming. 
The missile is designed to be used at fighters, attack aircrafts and helicopters. Homing system is all angles passive infrared target homing (double range individual homing) with combined aero-gas-dynamics control.
Missile has a single mode  engine. Laser non-contacts sensor of target (for RVV-MDL) and radio non-contact sensor fo target (for RVV-MD) are used as detonators. Warhead is rod-shaped. Suspension of missile to the aircraft, supply of necessary electric power in combined flight, combat launch and emergency jettison are performed with the aircraft rail-tracked launcher P-72-1D (P-72-1BD2)  type.
Adaption for carriers of foreign design according to manufacturer procedure is possible.





GosMKB "Vympel" JSC




 Launch range, km:
 Maximum to the front semi-sphere
 up tp 40
 Minimum to the rear semi-sphere
 Target designation angles, degrees
 Homing head coordinator deviation spheres, degrees
 Flying altitudes of hit targets, km
 0,02 to 20
 Overload of hit targets, g
 up to 12
 Launch weight, kg
 Warhead weight, kg
 Overall dimensions, m:
 wing span
 rudder span