RVV-SD Air-to-Air Medium Range Missile




RVV-SD air-to-air medium range missile is intended for hitting air targets (foghters, bombers, attack aircrafts, helicopters, millitary aircrafts, cruise missiles) day and night, at all angles, under electronic countermeasures, on background of earth and water surfaces, including multichannel application "fire-and-forget".
The missile is designed to be used at Mig and Su aircrafts.
Missile homing system is inertial system with radar correction and active radar self-homing.
Missile has a single mode engine.
Laser non-contact sensor of target is used as detonator.
Warhead is rod-shaped, multi-shaped charge.
Suspension of the RVV-SD air-to-air missile on the aircraft is performed by the AKU-170E missile ejection launcher. 
Adaption for carriers of foreign design is possible according to the manufacturer procedure.






Developer: GosMKB "Vympel" JSC



 Launch range, kg:
 maximum to the front semi-sphere
 up to 110
 minimum to the rear semi-sphere
 Flight altitudes of the targets being hit, km:
 0,02 to 25
 Launch weight, kg. max.
 Overall dimensions, m:
 wing span
 rudder span