URAN-E Shipborne Missile System

                                       URAN-E SHIPBORNE MISSILE SYSTEM WITH
                                            KH-35E (3M-24E) ANTISHIP MISSILES

The Uran-E shipborne missile system with the Kh-35E (3M-24E) anti-ship missiles is designed to engage missile, torpedo and gun boats, surface ships, displacing up to 5,000 tonnes, and sea-going transports.
The Uran-E shipborne missile system can be mounted on surface warships, boats and auxiliary vessels. Thanks to its small dimensions and weight, various ondeck mounting options of the Uran-E system are feasible, including those intended for small ships. Ships of  corvette and guided missile craft classes can be armed with the Uran-E system accommodating up to 16-missile ammunition load.
The Kh-35E anti-ship missiles can be employed in fair and adverse weather conditions by day and night, under  enemy fire and electronic countermeasures.
Target coordinates can be fed into the missile's guidance system either from the carrier's own assets or external data sources.
The missile is guided towards the target in spite of hostile information interference thanks to the robust operational algorithm of its intergrated guidance system combining the active radar seeker, inertial navigation system and high-precision radio-altimeter. The radar seeker uses a complex special waveform signal to ensure precise target selection and high jamming immunity.


Prime developer and manufacturer: Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC


 Launch range envelope, km 
 Number of missiles simultaneously
 prepared for launch
 from 1 to 16
 Transition time from cold to combat
 ready status, sec
 Inter-missile launch interval
 (in any salvo composition), sec
 Max after-launch missile turning angle
 (in horizontal plane), deg
 +;- 90
 Number of targets ingaged simultaneousely
 up to 6
 Missile cruise altitude, m
 Missile terminal altitude, m
 about 4
 Missile flight speed, March number
 Missile launch weight, kg
 Warhead type
 HE penetrator
 Warhead weight, kg
 Operating conditions
 all weather at Sea States up to 5-6
 container dimensions,m:
 System's weight
 (without ground-based equipment),t:
 with 8/16 missile ammunition load