BAL-E Coastal Missile System

BAL-E Coastal Missile System
with Kh-35E (3M-24E) Anti-ship Missiles


The Bal-E mobile coastal missile system is designed:
- to control straits and territorial waters;
- to protect naval bases, other coastal installations and infrastructures;
- to defend coastline in probable landing approach areas.
The missile system can conduct combat actions, providing fully autonomous after-launch missile guidance in fair and adverse weather conditions, by day and night, under enemy fire and electronic countermeasures.
The Bal-E is a mobile weapon system, based on the MAZ 7930 chassis, comprising:
- up to two self-propelled command, control and communications (C3) posts;
- up to four self-propelld launchers with the Kh-35E (3M-24E) type anti-ship missiles in transport-launch containers (eight TLCs on a standard launcher);
- up to four transport-reload vehicles intended for preparing the next salvo.
The C3 post provides target reconnaissance, designation and optimal distribution between launchers. Active and passive high-precision radar channels allow the system to implement flexible target acquisition strategies, including covert ones.
The launchers and transport-reload vehicles can be deployed in covered positions in the depth beyond the coastline. In this case neither covertness of their combat positions nor man-made and natural obstacles in the direction of fire will limit combat imployment of the system.
The system can conduct both single and salvo fire from any launcher, with the capability of receiving current information from other command posts and external reconnaissance/target disignation data sources.
A salvo can include up to 32 missiles. One such salvo can thwart a combat mission carried out by an enemy naval attack group, a landing force or a convoy.
The system can fire the next salvo in 30-40 minutes thanks to its transport-reload vehicles. Combat management of the Bal-E assets is based on digital data transmission, automated communications, message processing and ciphering with guaranteed security.
The system is equipped with night vision, navigation, survey and positioning aids enabling it to rapidly change its firing positions after completing the assigned mission, and relocate to a new combat area.
The system can be deployed in the new position within 10 minutes.
An integrated coastal defence system combining the  Bal-E CMS, offshore patrol vessels with the Uran-E ship-borne missile systems and missile-carrying combat aircraft armed with the Kh-35E (3M-24E) unified anti-ship missiles, would be able to perform diverse operational and tactical tasks at minimal costs thanks to a single missile maintenance and repair system.
The system's structure and exact number of the C3 posts, launch and transport-reload vehicles are defined according to customer requirements. The MAZ-7930 self-propelled chassis can be replaced with other types of chssis (it can be proposed for the light-configuration Bal-E CMS with enhanced agility and off-road capacity).
The Bal-E CMS has a considerable potential for upgrading.
Employment of additional target designation assets, such as radar picket helicopters or remotely piloted aerial vehicles, allows the system to increase its target detection range and precision.
The Bal-E CMS can be equipped with passive interference systems to considerably enhance its invulnerability to enemy guided weapons in dueling situations. Other upgrading options are also considered.


Prime developer: Machine-Building Design Bureau


 Engagement range (from coastline), km
 up to 120
 Fire position distance from coastline, km
 up to 10
 ammunition load, msls
 up to 8
 Inter-missile launch time (in salvo),sec
 not more than 3
 Max speed, km/h:
 on road
 off road
 Missile launch weight, kg
 about 620
 Total ammunition load, msls
 up to 64
 Endurance range (without refueling), km
 not less than 850