Moskit-E Missile System

Moskit-E anti-ship missile weapon system  




The Moskit-E anti-ship missile weapon system is designed to engage surface ships and sea-going transports, making part of naval attack groupings, landing formations, convoys and single ships of both displacing, hydrofoil and air cushion classes, sailing at speeds of up to 100 knots, in conditions of enemy fire and electronic countermeasures.
The system can be employed in any weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, lightning discharges) by day and night in any season at ambient temperatures from -25 to +50 Centigrade; Sea States up to 6 (up to 5 - against small sized targets); up to 20-m/s winds, blowing from any direction at sea level.
The Moskit-E missile weapon system includes:
- supersonic, sea-skimming, anti-ship homing cruise missile of 3M-80E or 3M-80E1 type;
- shipborne control system, providing missile testing and launch preparation, target designation data processing (for four targets simultaneously), and feeding the data into the missile guidance systems, as well as missile distribution over targets, and control of both single and salvo launches until complete ammunition consumption;
- testing equipment intended for missile status checks in technical positions;
- containerized fixed-elevation launching until providing long-term (up to 18 months) storage of the missiles onboard the ship and their launch on commands of the ship's control system, as well as emergency jettisoning;
- loading unit intended for missile loading in/unloading from the launching unit;
- ground support equipment set intended for handling missiles in technical positions, as well as their transportation, storage in arsenals and depots, scheduled maintenance, checking and preparation for transfer to ship.
The missile guidance system includes a navigational and autonomous guidance system, as well as an active/passive radar seeker.
In the terminal phase the missile performes snake-type anti-SAM manoeuvres in the course plane up to a 9-km range short of the target.
The missile's combined propulsion unit consists of a  cruise ramjet with a solid-fuel rocket booster, built in its combustion chamber.
The system can be delivered for export both within Russian-made missile boats (project 12421 class) or destroyers (project 956E class) and separately for installation on customer ships, capable for providing proper operational and maintenance conditions.
The missiles and systems, presented hereby, possess substantial potential in relation to their upgrading and installation on various airborne, sea and ground-based platforms.





Developed by "Raduga" State Mashine-Building Design Bureau



 Launch range, m:
 max (3M-80E/3M-80E1)
 Missile flight speed, km/h
 Missile cruising altitude, m
 Launch sector relative
 to ship's lateral plane,
 +;- 60
 Launch readiness time, sec:
 from missile power-on till first launch
 from combat-ready status
 Inter-missile launch time (in a salvo), sec
 Launch weight, kg:
 3M-80E missile
 4, 150
 3M-80E1 missile
 3, 970
 Warhead type
 Warhead weight, kg
 Missile dimensions, m:
 body diameter
 wing span
 Folded wing/empennage span, m