Shkval-E Missile System

Shkval-E is the high-speed underwater missile system





The Shkval-E high-speed underwater missile system is designed to engage surface targets. The weapon system can be mounted on surface targets. The weapon system can be mounted on surface ships, submarines or stationary facilities. Besides the high-speed underwater missile, the system includes ground test, guidance and launch, repairs support equipment.
The high-speed underwater missile can be launched at Sea States up to 4 with at least 25-m water area depth, and at water temperatures from -2C to +35C.
Delivery set:
- high-speed underwater missile (combat version)
- practical missile for launch training
- practical missile for acceptance testing of production lot
- sectional training missile for personnel education
- operating/training missile for maintenance mastering
- missile transport and storage container
- transport-launch container for missile storage, shipping and launch
- above-water missile launcher
- launch-control equipment
- target designation system
- check-and-test station, used for monitoring of the missile technical condition at production site and technical positions
- ground support equipment set, used for missile inspection, maintenance and repairs
- booster for launches from underwater stationary posts
- single and group SPTA sets
Developer and manufacturer: State and Production Enterprise "Region"
 Effective launch range, km
 Cruising range, km
 up to 10
 Min allowed lauch range, km
 Underwater launch depth, m
 up to 30
 After-launch turning angle, ang.deg.
 +;- 20
 Cruising depth, m
 Warhead type
 Warhead weight (in TNT equivalent), kg
 at least 210
 Calibre, mm
 Length, m
 Missile weight, kg
 Engine type:
 cruising engine
 hydroreactive jet
 solid-fuel rocket
 Exploding device type
 impact proximity
 Pre-launch preparation time, sec:
 standard mode
 not more than 100
 forced lauch mode
 not more than 30
 Continuous launch preparation time
 ( duty-mode), hrs
 at least one
 Duty-mode launch readiness time, sec
 not more than 1,5