Paket-E Anti-Submarine System

Paket-E/NK Small-Sized Anti-Submarine System with Anti-Torpedo






 The Paket-E/NK small-sized anti-submarine system with anti-torpedo is designed:
- to engage (destroy) submarines in ship's close-in zone (when carrying out submarine warfare tasks)
- to destroy torpedoes, attacking the ship (when carrying out anti-torpedo defence tasks)
The complete set of the Paket-E/NK comprises:
- Paket-E control system
- rotating or fixed launching units
- Paket-AE specialized target designation sonar
- combat modules mounted on the launchin unit
Depending on missions assigned to the surface ship, its launching units can house combat modules armed with different combinations of small-sized heat-seeking torpedoes and/or anti-torpedoes, both in nomenclature and in quantity.
The small-sized heat-seeking torpedo is designed to engage enemy submarines, and the anti-torpedo is designed to intercept and destroy attacking torpedoes. Both are housed in unified transport-launch containers.
The Paket-E/NK system can operate independently or be integrated into ship's antisubmarine/anti-torpedo defence system, solving a number of tasks in fully automatic or automated modes, such as:
- generation of target designation data for small-sized heat-seeking torpedoes, based on data, provided by ship's sonar systems and posts
- detection and classification of attacking torpedoes, determination of their movement parameters, and generation of target designation data for anti-torpedoes
- pre-launch preparation of combat modules, generation and transfer of firing data to them, launching of anti-torpedoes and/or small-sized heat-seeking torpedoes
- launching units control
The Paket-E/NK system is a radically new weapon system, allowing surface ships to solve ASW/anti-torpedo defence tasks with high effectiveness, and to increase substantially their survivability.
The delivery set of the Paket-E/NK small-sized antisubmarine/anti-torpedo system is customer-defined.
An automated testing and trouble-shooting system can be delivered for combat modules operational support.


Developer and manufacturer: State Research and Production Enterprise "Region"