Moskit-MVE Missile System

Moskit-MVE Missile System


Moskit-MVE Missile System designed to engage surface ships from the ship striking force, cargo ships from convoys, assault landing ships from assault landing detachments, guided missile (torpedo) boats and single ships with displacement, winged and air-support missile boats in condition of fire and radar counteraction. 
Moskit-MVE shipborne missile system is designed for export delivery both as a part of torpedo-boats destroyers (project 956EM), guided missile boats (project 12141) and independent for further arrangments on the Customer carriers.
System adaptation to the customer's ground mobile carriers and stationary positions is possible.  



Developer: "Raduga" State Engineering Design Bureau named after A.Y.Bereznyak JSC






 Missile trajectory:
 low altitude
 combined comprising high and low  altitude
 target approach areas
 Launch range, km
 maximum by low altitude trajectory
 maximum by high altitude trajectory
 Cruise flight altitude, m:
 high altitude flight segment
 10 000 - 12 000
 low altitude trajectory or low altitude
 trajectory segment
 10 - 20
 Launching weight, kg
 4 450
 Missile length, m
 Maximum diameter, m
 Wingspan, m
 Diameter of the missile's circumference with folded
 wing panels and empennage
 Cruise speed, km/h
 2 800
 Firing sector from the ship deametric plane, degrees
 from - 60
 up to + 60
 Continuous time on board the ship, years
 advanced readiness for firing, hours 
 with further intervals, minutes