PK-10 Passive Jamming Set

PK-10 Close-Range Decoy Dispensing System



The PK-10 close-range decoy dispensing system is designed to protect ships against radar - or electro-optical guided weapons.
Protection is provided by a decoy creating more strong physical fields than those of the ship, on which enemy missiles locate. Thus the missile loses track of the ship or retargets onto the decoy.
The system can be mounted on ships of any type, and be employed in any climatic conditions.
The PK-10 system includes:
- KT-216-E decoy dispenser (DD)
- A3-SR-50 radar decoy round
- A3-SO-50/A3-SOM-50 electro-optical decoy round
The KT-216-E decoy dispenser is intended for launching decoys from surface ships and vessels of various classes. Depending on ship's class, the KT-216-E decoy dispenser can include 2, 4, 8 or 16 launching tubes.
The rounds can be used for protection of bothe surface ships and ground-based military and civil installations.
The rounds can be upgraded to counteract new-generation guided weapons.
The rounds can be delivered according to customer requirements.
Developer: Machine-Building Design Bureau
 Launch preparation time (for one DD), min: 
 not more than 20
 not more than 1
 Reloading time (for one DD), min
 not more than 20
 Maintenance crew, persons
 DD weight, kg:
 DD with fixed elevation
 DD with variable elevation
 DD dimensions (lengthxwidthxheight), mm:
 DD with fixed elevation
 DD with variable elevation
 Decoy round calibre, mm
 Round/decoy weight, kg: