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  • Kh-25MP

    Kh-25MP - Airborne Modular Tactical Guided Missile



    The Kh-25MP airborne anti-radiation missile equipped with a passive radar homing head is designed to engage continuous-wave and pulsed radars making part of medium-range air defence missile systems as well as small-calibre anti-aircraft artillery systems. There are two versionsof the homing head: 1VP and 2VP. The missile can be launched in flight within carrier's pitch angles from - 20 to + 20.
    The Kh-25MP missile makes part of weapon systems of Russian combat aircraft. It also can be adapted for employment from foreign-made aircraft.
    Delivery Set
    The Kh-25MP missile delivery set includes the following missile versions:
    Kh-25MP combat missile
    Kh-25MUP combat training missile
    Kh-25MP-UD functional training missile
    Kh-25MP-UR sectional training missile
    Besides the above, the delivery set includes:
    - Operational documentation set;
    - One-year group SPTA set;
    - Single SPTA set.
    The missile operation is supported by the AKPA equipment set and ground support equipment set.
    The operational services and works offered as follows:
    - personnel training and technical assistance in maintaining and repairing of the system;
    - assistance in adapting the missile to different carriers;
    - designer supervision, guarantee and post-guarantee servicing;
    - activities on extending missile's assigned service life, missile upgrading, etc.



    Upgrading options
    The Kh-25MP missile modularity opens wide opportunities for its modernisation. Besides the missile with the anti-radiation homing head, there are several ungrading options as following below:
    - development of a modular multipurpose tactical missile based on the onboard control system integrating inertial navigation system and active radar seeker;
    - development of a modular tactical missile based on the onboard control system integrating inertial navigation system and receivers of the space navigation systme and gound-based differential correction station. Typical targets for this missile can be stationary or restricted-mobility objects with known geographical coordinates.
    Developer and manufacturer: Tactical Missiles Corporation
     Launch range, km:
     at carrier's altitude
     50 m
     5,000 m
     10,000 m
     Launch altitude envelope, m
     Max missile speed (in max range launch), m/s
     Warhead type
     Warhead weight, kg
     Missile launch weight, kg
     Missile dimensions, m:
     length (with 1VP/2VP homing head)
     body diameter
     wing span