Kh-31P - Airborne Guided Missile



The Kh-31P high-speed medium-range "air-to-surface" guided missile with changeable passive radar homing heads is designed to engage radars operating within long- and medium-range air defence missile systems, as well as other ground- and sea-based radars of different purpose, in the corresponding frequency band.
The Kh-31P missile can be efficiently launched either independently or in salvo, in fair and adverse weather conditions, to engage radar targets of opportunity or previously disclosed ones.
The missile can be equipped with changeable homing heads operating in coresponding frequency bands used by modern continuous-wave and pulsed radars of surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery systems.
The missile's radar homing head ensures:
- target search and lock-on in the autonomous mode, or by receiving target designation data from carrier's sensors with the missile on the aircraft suspension station;
- target tracking and missile guidance command generation.
It has a high explosive/fragmentation type of warhead.
Thanks to its relatively small weight and size the Kh-31P missile can be employed from various air combat platforms including moderately sized ones. The missile has passed state acceptance tests on a number of series-production front-line combat aircraft of the Russian Air Force. The missile makes part of weapon systems of modern combat aircraft, such as the Su-25, Su-27, Su-30, Su-34, Mig-29, etc., and can be adapted to other types of Russian or foreign-origin aircraft during their modernization.
The missile is suspended under the aircraft and linked to its onboard systems, carried in flight and launched (or jettisoned in emergency, if required) by means of the AKU-58 airborne ejection unit.
The Kh-31P missile export delivery set includes:
- delivery versions of the missile;
- ground support equipment;
- sets of spare parts, tools and accessories;
- missile restoration tools and accessories;
- operational documentation set.
1.Delivery missile versions:
- Kh-31P combat missile;
- Kh-31P-IN inert missile;
- Kh-31P-UL in-flight training missile;
- Kh-31P-UD functional training missile;
- Kh-31P-UR sectional training missile.
2.Ground support equipment
Ground support equipment is a set of devices intended for technical maintenance, preparation and automatic testing of all missile versions.
3.Operational sets of spare parts, tools and accessories include:
- single SPTA set;
- group SPTA set for one year
4. Restoration spare parts, tools and accessories are supplied in accordance with the "List of tools and accessories for the Kh-31P missile restoration to be used together with the group SPTA set".
5.Operational documentation is provided for training flight crews and ground personnel to master correct operation and maintenance of the missile.
The optional services and works offered as follows:
- personnel training and technical assistance in maintaining and repairing of the system;
- assistance in adapting the missile to different carriers;
- designer supervision, guarantee and post-guarantee servicing;
- activities on extending missile's assigned service life, missile upgrading, etc.
Developer and manufacturer: Tactical Missiles Corporation
 Launch range envelope, km
 Launch altitude envelope, m
 Launch speed envelope, km/h (Mach number)
 Max missile cruising speed, m/s
 Warhead weight, kg
 Missile launch weight, kg
 about 600
 Missile dimensions, m:
 body diameter
 wing span