Kh-58E - Guided Missile





The Kh-58E missile is designed to engage radars making part of land-based air defence systems, air defence early warning, target designation and control systems, and other emitting targets operating in A/A', B/B' and C frequency bands.
The Kh-58E missile can be employed in any weather conditions (rain, snow, fog) or season, without any restrictions on geographical latitude of the launch site.
The missile is guided by a passive radar homing head and an autonomous control system.
The Kh-58E missile can be employed in weapon systems of the Su-24MK, Su-22M4, Su-25TK, MiG-25BM type combat aircraft equipped with an appropriate target designation system and airborne ejection unit for missile's launch.



Developer and manufacturer: "Raduga" State Machine-Building Design Bureau




 Max range
 (depends on launch altitude at max speed), km
 Launch altitudes, km
 Launch speeds, Mach number
 Min launch range, km
 Missile launch weight, kg
 Warhead weight, kg
 Missile dimensions, m:
 body diameter
 wing span