Kh-58UShKE Air-Launched Missile

Kh-58UShKE is antiradar missile of suppressed fuselage and external location with wide range (A, A1, B, B1, C) passive radar homing head, navigation system and automatic control based on platform free navigation system. It is designed to engage ground radar stations operating in pulse emitting mode within the bearing range from 1.2 to 11 GHs and continuous emitting mode with range A. The missile can be operated both from the advanced aircraft external suspension points equipped with target designating system and AKU-58 type aircraft ejection system as well as from supressed fuselage suspension points (from UVKU-50 ejection).


"Raduga" State Engineering Design Bureau named after A.Y.Bereznyak JSC


 Launch range, km
 from 0,2 up to
 operational ceiling
 Flight speed, March number of carrier when
 Launching from external suspension points 
 0,47 to 1,5
 Maximum flight range with maximum aircraft speed
 at H0 = 200 to 20 000 m altitude range:
 from under wing suspension points, km
 76 to 245
 Target aspect when launching, degrees  
 Minimum range when launching from
 H0=200 m altitude, km
 10 to 12
 Maximum flight speed, km/h
 4 200
 Control system
 SNAU on base of
 Hit probability of 20 m circle with operating radar
 in the centre
 high explosive
 weight, kg
 Launching weight, kg
 Dimensions with ratracted outer wings and fin
 assembly, m:
 length, m
 width, m
 height, m
 Wingspan, m
 Diameter, m