Kh-31PK - Air-Launched Guided Missile



Kh-31PK is a modification of the Kh-31P missile, fitted with a proximity fuse and a payload of increased efficiency.




The Kh-31 PK air-launched guided missile is a tactical high-speed weapon with passive radar seekers. It is designed to efficiently engage radars, including those with antenna arrangements offset upwards (up to 15 m), that make part of medium-range and long-range air defence systems and other ground-based radars operating in corresponding frequency bands. 
The missile may be fitted with passive radar seekers operational in corresponding frequency bands of continuous and pulsed mode radars of anti-aircraft artillery and missile systems.
The missile is equipped with changeable homing heads operating in corresponding frequency bands used by modern continuous-wave and pulsed radars of surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery systems.


Sufficiently great flying range of the missile guarantees its efficient use, mostly because of carrier’s ability to reach striking distance of surface-to-air missile system of the enemy’s air defense force. High speed together with autonomous guidance gives advantages in duels, when launch is implemented within the limits where surface-to-air missile system’s missiles can reach carriers.
Kh-31PK missile is on-stream of front-line aviation in conditions of station and field aerodromes and can be delivered for export as a part of modern armament for air force.



Developer and manufacturer: Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC





 Launch range envelope, km
15... 110
 Launch altitude envelope, km
100... 15000
 Launch speed envelope, km/h (Мach number)
650... 1250
(0,65 <М< 1,5)
 Missile launch weight, kgг
 Missile dimensions, m:
 length х diameter х wing span, m