Kh-31PD Airborne High Speed Anti-Radar Missile



Kh-31PD airborne high speed anti-radar missile is designed to hit radars of anti-aircraft missile stations (ZRK).
Missile ground maintenance is provided by the OKA-E-1 aircraft guided weapons (AUSP) preparation system.


Developer and manufactorer:
Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC


 Maximum launch range, km
 (carrier flight parameters H=15km, M=1,5), km
 180 to 250 
 Maximum launch range (H=0,1km), km
 Launch altitudes, km
 0,1 to 15
 Launch speeds (M number)
 0,65 to 1,5
 Aiming system
 inertial + wide waveband range
 passive radio homing head
 Target location angle when launching, degree
 target lock being under carrier
 target lock at the trajectory
 cluster, universal
 Missile start weight (maximum), kg
 Missile overall dimensions:
 lengthxdiameterxwing span, m
 5,340x0,360x0,954 (1,102)
 Weather conditions
 any weather conditions
 aircraft Su-30MK (MKI, MKM, MK2),
 Su-35, Mig-29, Mig-35, Mig-29KUB and etc.