Kh-35E - Tactical Anti-Ship Missile




The Kh-35E (3M-24E) anti-ship missile is designed to destroy surface warships displacing up to 5,000 tonnes, as well as seagoing transports.
The Kh-35E unified guided missile can be launched from the following platforms:
- Uran-E type ship-borne missile systems;
- Bal-E type mobile coastal missile systems;
- tactical and naval combat aircraft.
The Kh-35E anti-ship missile can be employed in fair and adverse weather conditions at Sea States up to 5-6, by day and night, under enemy fire and electronic countermeasures.
The Kh-35E's aerodynamic configuration is optimized for high subsonic-speed sea-skimming flight to ensure stealthy characteristics of the missile.
Target acquisition and designation data can be fed into missile's guidance system from both ship-based and external target data sources.
The missile has low signatures thanks to its small dimensions, sea-skimming capability and a special guidance algorithm ensuring highly secure operational modes of the active radar seeker.
Its ARGS-35E active radar seeker operates in both single- and multiple-missile launch modes, acquiring and locking on targets at a maximum range of up to 20 km.
Missiles, employed in ship-based and land-based missile system, are delivered in sealed transport-launch containers. This ensures proper level of reliability of the system in harsh climatic conditions and low maintenance man-hours required for its servicing on carriers.
Delivery set:
- Operational documentation set;
- One-year SPTA group set;
- One-year single SPTA set;
- Long-term operation SPTA set.
Optional items (on customer request):
- Kh-35EGMM weight-dimension dummy missile;
- Kh-35EMB pop-up dummy missile;
- Kh-35EUD functional training dummy missile;
- Kh-35EUDS functional training dummy missile with special assemblies;
- Kh-35EIN missile with inert warhead (inert missile).
Besides the above, the following below articles are developed and available for delivery:
- Kh-35EP missile for practice launches (with self-destruction equipment);
- Kh-35EUR sectional training missile (for personnel training);
- Kh-35EUL in-flight training missile (for air carriers).
The optional services and works offered as follows:
- personnel training and technical assistance in maintaining and repairing of the system;
- assistance in adapting the missile to different carriers;
- designer supervision, guarantee and post-guarantee servicing;
- activities on extending missile's assigned service life, missile upgrading, etc.




Developer and manufacturer: Tactical Missiles Corporation




 Launch range, km
 up to 130
 Flight altitude, m:
 en route
 at terminal area
 about 4
 Cruise speed, Mach number
 Max missile turn angle, ang.deg.:
 in horizontal plane after launch
 +;- 90
 Missile launch weight, kg:
 ship/land-based versions
 aircraft/heliborne versions
 Warhead type
 HE penetrator
 Warnead weight, kg
 Missile dimensions,m:
 length of ship/land-based
 and heliborne versions
 length of airborne version
 body diameter, m
 wing span